A Smarter Way to Manage Your Tasks and Events


A smarter way to manage your tasks and events without missing out on the social component.

Don't Forget is an intelligent to-do app that allows users to not only manage their tasks efficiently, but also assist in communicating with people associated with particular tasks and events. The downfalls of many of the currently existing to-do apps are that most of them focus on the productivity aspect, but fail to integrate the social component.  A lot of tasks in fact involve more than just the single user, therefore it is crucial that productivity and social aspects go hand-in-hand.

The goal of user for the "Don't Forget" to-do app is to stay on top of organization and time management, as well as assist in communicating with people that he/she may need to interact with in order to accomplish the tasks. Hence, the app is very functional and practical in that it captures the essence of quickly adding new tasks, assigning the right people, ways of better organizing the tasks, and being able to easily communicate with the group members. Moreover, the app comes with a built-in scheduling and task assistant to help users make the necessary accommodations.

Log-in > Add new group to share


Access a group > Add new task with parameters


Choosing a filter to view > Starting a group chat


Built-in scheduling & task assistant helping to make accommodations

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