Understand and Share the Feelings of Another

Are you sick and tired of all the posts, uploads, and status updates that you need to share on your social network account(s)?

Empathy is an emoji-driven social network service (SNS) that will change the paradigm of current SNS, particularly for those who feel too much of a burden from services currently in the market. According to the psychologist, James Russell's Circumplex Model of Emotionsemotions are distributed in a two-dimensional circular space that contain arousal and valence dimensions. It is known that this model is representative of core affect, in other words, most elementary feelings not directed toward anything in particular. By referencing Russell's model, me and my teammates were able to come up with our own version of the 16 most representative emotions arranged in a table.

Empathy uses these core feelings as the mechanism to drive people's social networking needs by expressing one's feelings with emojis (empathicons) and his/her friends can "empathize" by responding with empathicons as well. Empathy is also the first SNS perfectly suited for wearable devices, such as smartwatch.


Using the widget to share feelings with most "empathized" friends

Using the widget to share feelings with most "empathized" friends


Click this link to see demo video