Merchant Mobile Acceptance

All-in-one Payment Acceptance Solution for Merchants


All-in-one payment acceptance solution for merchants, allowing your business to be all on mobile.

Merchant Mobile Acceptance is an application that turns user's smartphone into a mobile POS system. This application allows for small business merchants to accept payments using various methods (i.e. NFC/contactless, QR, cash) as well as manage their inventory and gain deep insight into how their business is performing.

One of the key insights for the target audience of this product is that small business merchants, particularly those in developing countries, are faced with challenges of establishing full point of sale terminals for their store(s). Hence, one of important aspects of this product was bringing all the capabilities of POS system into mobile environment. Furthermore, it provides additional capabilities such as scanning barcodes to easily manage their inventories and delivering deep insights into how well their business is performing.



Journey + Touchpoints


Core Functionalities


Interaction Methods


Slide-up Payment Acceptance Methods


Splash Tutorial Screens

Slide left/right to view splash tutorial screens 



Adding Product to Inventory

Merchants can either add product manually or by scanning barcode 



Accepting Payment Methods + My Cart

Merchants have the option of accepting payment immediately
or by accessing My Cart screen



Barcode Scan to Add Item

Merchants have the option of adding items to the cart
by scanning barcodes of the products



Enter Custom Price

If an item is not in the inventory, merchant can choose to
add custom price by manually entering



Payment Acceptance Methods

These include the key screens for each
payment acceptance method (Contactless, Cash, Scan QR)



Business Insight and Analytics

These various analytics provide insightful knowledge
and guidance for the merchants



Merchant Mobile Acceptance application was showcased at the Mobile World Congress 2018,
attracting many press releases and potential clients